Child's Play
by Akira Pastles

Words: 241
Rating: G
Archive: Pe.e TV and the KNGB site, if it wants it <3

Summary: Kiyomaro thinks that it's a nice day to go to the park

Disclaimer: Gash no belong to me.

a/n: I wrote this at work. ;_; I miss Gash Bell. I should d/l the raws. And OMG... powered-up!Umagon <3

"Because we're friends!"

Kiyomaro sighs as he leans back against the back of the park bench and he looks up at the clouds in the sky. He can hear Gash's screams as Naomi chases him around the playground.

"KIYOMAROOOOOO!" Gash's scream is loud, long and rather pathetic.

Kiyomaro sits up and laughs at the scene in front of him. Naomi has her car over Gash while the boy is crying and stuck under her. Kiyomaro makes a "nothing I can do about it" expression at Gash and leans back to the bench and looks back up at the sky. From Naomi's enraged screech, Kiyomaro assumes that Gash has found a way to escape.

"Because we are friends, Kiyomaro."

Undernearth everything, Kiyomaro never forgets that Gash is still a child. He does wonder what Gash's old home is like, with the bits and snatches he has heard from Tio only whetting his appetite. Another scream breaks his thoughts but Kiyomaro shrugs it off. He's is already used to how Gash and Naomi "play". It is rather cute, these two friends. Unlike with Tio, and to an extent, Kiyomaro, Naomi's friendship with Gash is simpler.

If only for the fact that Naomi bullies Gash like it's the main aim of her life.

However, Kiyomaro thinks it's nice, sometimes, that Gash doesn't have to think about destroying someone and fighting to save his life. It's nice to just play and have fun like kids.

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