The page for all the awesome stuff fans of the show have made! *fanfare* The names and contact info of the creators have been given, so if you see something you like, make sure to let them know!

Fan fiction

by Akira Pastles:

Child's Play
A 241 words drabble. Kiyomaro thinks that it's a nice day to go to the park. G.

A 297 words drabble. Kiyomaro has changed. G.

A 100 words drabble. Gash and his lost memories. G.

A 410 words drabble. Naomi doesn't like Gash :D No, she doesn't! And she will bite you if you say she does. G.

A 238 words drabble. Kiyomaro's mom :D G.

by murinae:

Kiyomaro Explains It All by murinae
Gash has told the other kids that Kiyomaro knows everything -- and now they demand proof! Can Kiyomaro step up to the plate?

The Memory of Trees by murinae
Kiyomaro and Gash in a story about friendship ... and worms?

by Shay Caron:

Faith/Strength by Shay Caron
A look at the Kiyomaro/Suzume and Kiyomaro/Megumi relationships. G.

Arts and crafts

Models of Vulcan 300 by Chii-san
Photos of many different, real-life Vulcans. Very cute.

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