by Akira Pastles

Words: 297
Rating: G
Archive: Pe.e TV and the KNGB site, if it wants it <3 Anyone else, ask :D

Summary: Kiyomaro has changed.

Disclaimer: Gash no belong to me (AND I CRY!)

a/n: I wrote this at work again XD because my brain was almost dying at the sheer amount of work I had to do. It seems that KnGB shall be my gen fandom, because I seem to only be able to write gen fic for it. Must. Get. Hands. On. Manga.

Kiyomaro's life had been calm once.

He would wake up in the mornings to his mother banging on his door. (In truth, he hadn't slept the night before. The book/essay that he had been reading kept him up.) Then it was off to school or he would stay in his room to do more reading. (It really depended on his mood, and the amount of sleep he got the night before.) Kiyomaro would tell anyone honestly that he worked hard for his grades, if people bothered to ask. But no one ever did, and it was fine with him. (He told himself.)

Kiyomaro didn't need anyone.

He was happy enough on his own. His interests were more than adequate to keep him occupied, plus, he didn't exactly need people around when he was at the library researching. (Kiyomaro fully understood the irony of being interested in anthropology when he had no interest in interacting with people his age.) He didn't exactly *need* to go to school, not when he was able to understand his lessons all by himself. (Also, his teachers never seemed to like it when he answered the questions correctly. It was as if they wanted him to get them wrong. Not likely though, not when he was so ahead of the class. It defeated the purpose of *the teachers*, Kiyomaro thought.) It was obvious that his classmates didn't like him and barely tolerate him. Mizuno was the only exception. (And Kiyomaro admitted that he didn't particularly feel like being civil to people who looked at him with murder... or at least, grievous bodily pain, in their eyes.)

Once, Kiyomaro would have said that he liked (even preferred) such a life.


Kiyomaro thought that maybe, life was better now.

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