by Akira Pastles

Words: 100 words (if MS word isn't lying)
Genre: Gen
Rating: A very, very safe G
Spoilers: Till epsiode 25 of the anime, as I don't read the manga and that's the episode that they've subbed to.

a/n: Ah... hahaha, the header is even longer than the drabble itself. Long, rambling, sentences. Someone should tell me what spliting infinitives is. Actually, someone tell me what infinitives are.

Disclaimer: Konjiki no Gash Bell doesn't belong to me though I really really do think Gash is uber cute. Kiyomaro will most likely disagree with that statement

Gash doesn't remember who he is, what he is, why he is. He wakes up every morning, all warm and snug in his futon with a strange empty feeling in his mind and chest. But that feeling doesn't stay long as thoughts of training, battles, Cricket-man on TV, Vulcan 300 and playing with Kiyomaro clamours to the surface, edging away the dark thoughts and chasing away the shadow of a frown, replacing it with bright-eyed cheerfulness and laughter.

Gash bounces on Kiyomaro's bed, eager for the day to being, and remembers, for the moment, that staying alive is most important.

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