by Akira Pastles

Words: 410
Rating: G
Archive: Pe.e TV and the KNGB site, if it wants it <3

Summary: Naomi doesn't like Gash :D No, she doesn't! And she will bite you if you say she does.

Disclaimer: Gash no belong to me (AND I WAIL!)

a/n: Yay for work-induced flights of fancy! Right... unbeta-ed because 1) I wrote this at work (again) and 2) No one on my f/list reads/watches Gash ;___; (I tried to pimp! I did!) So corrections are gratefully welcomed. I love the fansub group Vulcan300 for subbing Gash <333333

This is an idea that I want to explore more of... it's somewhat influenced by the fic murinae posted. Maybe when my attention span is longer.

Naomi's days follow a set pattern.

Wake up.

Think of ways to terrorise Gash.


Think of ways to snatch Gash's food from him.


Think of ways to colour on Vulcan 300.


Think of ways to run Gash over.


Think of ways to terrorise Gash even more.


Terrorise Gash.

Gash is weak, and therefore, deserves to be bullied. This is Naomi's reason for the glint in her eyes when she reaches the park and hears Gash's familiar laughter and the "meru, meru, meeeh" of the dog. (Everyone knows that it is a dog, even if stupid Gash insists that it is a horse.) Naomi powers her car up, the dust rising in small clouds around her as she starts her engine. Things are going according to schedule. She speeds in, wild laughter scaring the birds from all the trees in a one kilometre radius of the park.

The park is empty.

Well, not exactly empty. The other kids are still around and they crowd around Naomi as she screeches to a halt. There is no sign of Gash. Naomi frowns, she is not going to admit to herself how much she looked forward to crushing Gash below her plastic wheels. Shrugging, Naomi joins in the new game of catch, feeling rather deflated for some reason.

Gash is a crybaby and Naomi enjoys seeing him cry. In the middle of monkey bars, Naomi recalls that she saw the boy Gash is always hanging around running towards the park. Gash must have had followed him. Naomi snorts again, good riddance to the crybaby. Maybe they'll be able to have fun now. Anyway, weaklings aren't fun to play with, anyway.


Naomi, on her perch on the top of the monkey bars, sits up. She sees Gash running into the playground, with scratches on his arms. Naomi's right eyebrow rises and she remembers how Gash had once suffered scratches to place a chick back into its nest. He got stuck and couldn't come down until his friend came over. Naomi remembers the twap Gash got on his head.

"GASH!" Naomi stands up, balancing perfectly with her hands on her hips.

"Na... Na... Naomi-chan!" Gash looks up and starts to back away.

But he is too late. By the time he realises what is happening, Naomi is already speeding towards him and his screams fill the park.

Naomi laughs evilly and feels a certain peace when she runs over Gash.

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