by Akira Pastles

Words: 238
Rating: G
Archive: Pe.e TV and the KNGB site, if it wants it <3

Summary: Kiyomaro's mom :D

Disclaimer: Gash is property of Naomi Raiku Makoto

a/n: I took some liberties with Kiyomaro's favourite food. :D

She sighed as she cut the vegetables into pieces, shoulders relaxed and a small smile on her face. She hummed while she went about the kitchen, the tune that Kiyomaro liked to listen to when he was younger and liked having her tuck him into bed.

Dinner was omelette rice that night, Kiyomaro's favourite, with fish fillet as a side dish for Gash. Her smile grew wider. Gash was a godsend; she had been worried about Kiyomaro ever since he started high school. Her cheery and friendly son had slowly turned into a sullen, anti-social hermit. She was sad that it became difficult to get him to go to school, when he used to bounce about in the kitchen, hurrying her to prepare his lunch so he could rush to school as early as possible.

All that had changed since Gash arrived. The little boy practically made the atmosphere better just by smiling. She didn't know where her husband found Gash, his letter had been vague although reassuring, but anyone who could change Kiyomaro (and she could see her little boy slowly turning into a man... it brought tears to her eyes sometimes) was a good child in her mind.

She only winced a little when a loud boom sounded overhead from Kiyomaro's room and the house shook on its foundation from Kiyomaro's yell for Gash.

She really should ask Kiyomaro to control his temper more around Gash.

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