Toonami Digital Arsenal -- download OP/ED/promo clips of both Gash Bell and Zatch Bell.

Sampo's Website -- screencaptures of the Tsunami version Zatch Bell, uploaded shortly after an episode airing on CN. Be there quick, or he'll take them down!

Golden Gash -- news, info on the manga, anime, and games, downloads, forums, fan works, and more.

Zatch Bell Zone -- information and graphics.

Kimera's Place -- hosting original art and fanart, complete with a Gash Bell section.

Blazing Spellbooks -- a text-based RPG game.

Demon Eyes -- fanlisting.

konjiki @ LJ -- the LiveJournal Gash Bell community.

Official sites -- the official English anime site. Finally up!

Web Sunday: Konjiki no Gash!! -- the official manga homepage from Shogakukan. Has story and character guides, a monster encyclopaedia, info on merchandise, an online game, and more. Japanese.

Konjiki no Gash Bell!! at Fuji TV -- official anime homepage. Has cast info and summaries of all aired episodes. Japanese.

Konjiki no Gash Bell!! at Toei Animation -- official anime homepage. Has some very brief info on the show, summaries of aired episodes, and more. Japanese.

Gash Bell merchandise catalogue at Toei Anime -- so much stuff, so little money ...

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