The following are transliterations (romanizations) of Konjiki no Gash Bell!! related songs, with original Japanese lyrics and translations where available. Transliterations and translations may be archived elsewhere providing you link back to this site ( with credit. However, if you wish to archive every lyric on this page, this seems rather pointless to me and I'd rather you just linked. Why have the exact same content on two sites?

Opening songs
1st Kasabuta
2nd Kimi ni kono koe ga todokimasu yô ni

Ending songs
1st Personal
2nd Stars
3rd Tsuyogari
4th Idea
5th Kyô yori ashita wa

Other theme songs
Anata ga soba ni iru dakede
Boku wa koko ni iru
Hadashi no ôsama
Namida o fuite (first movie theme)
Yakusoku no hoshi

Character songs

Chichi o moge! by Parco Folgore
Dandism ~Dartagnan no theme~ by Professor Dartagnan
Heart no Compass by Mizuno Suzume
Hitotsu no mirai by Tio
J'taime baise GO! by Naomi-chan and Gash
Kokoro no chikara by Takamine Kiyomaro
Love Fanfare by Parco Folgore
Muteki Folgore by Folgore & Canchome
March of the Tender King by Gash Bell
Tresure Fighter by Takamine Kiyomaro
Umagon Rock by Umagon, Gash, and Sunbeam
Very Melon by Victoreme
Watashi wa Patty by Patty
Wife no daiji na danna-sama by Wife

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