15/10/2006 : As of today, this site is closed for updates.

I've added a couple of things today, though: there's one new wallpaper and four mp3s in resources, and the discography has been brough as up to date as it was possible for me.

I still love Gash dearly and Raiku-sensei's work has my utmost respect, and I'm very proud of this site as it stands today and forever grateful to everyone who contributed content. I couldn't have done this alone, obviously! Also a big thanks to everyone who visited; if no one cared, I wouldn't have been able to keep this site up for this long. Thank you so, so much to everyone.

14/10/2006 : I added some links and deleted dead ones at the links page.

As you've probably noticed, I haven't been around this site much lately. I don't intend to take it down (as long as my wallet allows me), but I probably won't be updating it much in the future, either. I hope to go around in the next week and tweak things here and there, and when I'm done with that, close this site for updates officially.

25/02/2006 : I disabled hotlinking of images. I do this periodically to wake people up.

In case you don't know what "hotlinking" is, it's taking an image from this domain (http://gash.medoroa.net) and making it show up on some other site (geocities, forum signature, in an e-mail, whatever). It eats my bandwidth. And bandwidth is something I pay for. Which means this: Hotlinking costs me money.

Look, guys. I know you're doing it. I can tell; I can see it plain and clear in my statistics. I can see who is doing it, and where. You're not being discrete and you're not being clever. I don't expect everyone to stop doing it, but if you're looking here and you care about this site even a little bit, please stop. Now. Because it makes me want to pull this site off the net entirely. Okay? Thanks.

24/02/2006 : Updates! Who'd have thunk it.

Anime screencaps by Chao Otaku for episodes 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, and 101 in the gallery.

Two new Gash wallpapers from WebSunday archived in resources.

Eight new lyrics (in Japanese and romaji) are up, marked with "new". Some of the lyrics which only had romaji transcriptions previously now have added original Japanese lyrics. The only new translation is for Love Fanfare.

10/02/2006 : This morning, GASH!! had its 50.000th visitor on its current address.

Thank you so, so, so much to everyone who has visited, both here and on its old address, and especially everyone who has visited although I have been a major slacker on the updates. Thanks specifically to people who have contributed content and allowed me to host their work -- Chao, Natchan, Pastles, Wai, and everyone else -- thank you so much.

Next week, I'll try to get the discography and gallery as up-to-date as I can. It's (really) the least I could do ...

28/08/2005 : The discographies have been updated, and I added a few scans to the Shonen Sunday color pages section.

As you may have noticed, I haven't been all too involved in this site lately. To reflect some of my changes of heart, I've re-written the contact page somewhat. It's nothing that most of you need to worry about, though.

05/07/2005 : Disabled hotlinking from this domain, because of sites like this. Seriously, now. If you're just hotlinking one pic or two, I'll just ask you to stop and that'd be it. But that site (and similar) is a wee bit too much, even for me. (I'm not mad, really, but must admit to be slightly appalled.) And there isn't even an e-mail address I can contact the owner with, so I didn't have much of a choice. I don't like disabling hotlinking because it sometimes causes trouble like images not showing up for people behind firewalls, but ... yeah. If you're having problems viewing images at this site, try to refresh the page or change your firewall's settings to not hide your referrer. That ought to help. Sorry for any inconveniences you may experience.

20/06/2005 : Added a wallpaper from WebSunday to Resources, and took down the mp3s.

Also, this site had its first anniversary and I had completely forgotten about it. :D Congratulations, site!

06/06/2005 : Added caps of episode 93, color pages from Level 200, and the cover of volume 19 to the gallery.

Next update, I hope to put up a bunch of fanfics.

30/04/2005 : Added ChaoOtaku's caps of episode 90, episode 91, episode 92, opening 3, and ending 5 to the gallery.

Updated the discography with the new opening theme and a new character song CD.

I also added some links the other day, but forgot to mention.

11/04/2005 : I added a few Links and edited the About page for outdated information and formating errors a few weeks ago. I took down the rotating mp3s just now; I'm not sure what to put up next.

Caps coming soon.

15/03/2005 : Fanfic! The great Murinae has allowed me to host her brand new fic, The Memory of Trees. It's a bitter-sweet tale featuring Gash and Kiyomaro. Be sure to check it out, folks.

Also, screencaps of episode 89 is up. This is ... a bizarre one. I love it. XD

07/03/2005 : I stole ... eh, I mean I got permission to host nagibook's woooooonderful anime character listings, so go check 'em out without the ads right here. An indispensable piece of work, especially for seiyu fans.

Resources now has Duet Series Level 2 for download. Limited period only!

05/03/2005 : The cover of volume 18 was added to the tankobon gallery. I'm perpetually behind in that section ... my apologies.

The official Shonen Sunday site has added another Gash wallpaper for download. it's the top left entry here: http://websunday.net/download/ I'll archive it on this site when they take it down, but for the time being, grab it there! Minor spoilers for new mamono appearing in the current manga arc.

Lastly, a few links.

09/02/2005 : 204 screencaps of the first Gash Bell movie, 100-ban me no mamono, have been uploaded. Many, many thanks to Chao Otaku! Yay!

I also got off my lazy ass and uploaded caps of the first opening sequence. Yay. To a much lesser degree.

Discograhy has also been updated with info on the new Collection of Golden Songs volume 2 CD, featuring your favorite Gash tunes and a new Sherie song plus a Folgore song previously unreleased on CD. I'm looking forward to this one, to be released on the 23rd of this month.

30/01/2005 : Not one, not two, but THREE pieces of fanfic. Fantastic. *_* Be sure to check out murinae's Kiyomaro Explains It All, and Akira Pastles' two untitled drabbles about Naomi-chan and Kiyomaro's mom.

Also, screencaps! Episode 78 and episode 79 are up. They had been done a while ago by the great Chao Otaku, but I was lazy and the delay should be blamed on me. I'm so sorry!

Lastly, another new Gash single will be released: a Victoreme single. Yes, very WTF. Check out the details in the discography.

13/01/2005 : I took down the mp3s (except the Folgore ones). I hope you all enjoyed them!

Real updates are coming, I swear.

05/01/2005 : Happy New Year!

I added a Guestbook. If you have any comments, feel free to go sign it.

And that's it. Screencaps coming soon.

24/12/2004 : Merry Christmas! (I bet no one thought there'd be any updates this side of new year's. Hahaha, I fooled you all.)

I uploaded the three songs of Character Song Duet Series Level 1 to Resources. The first is an ... interesting version of Jingle Bell by Gash, Canchome, and Tio, appropriate for the season. So go download it and play it all day long, you!

Gash was on the cover of the new issue of Sunday and had three color pages, all of which are now available in the Shonen Sunday section of the Gallery. Beware of spoilers, though -- these are pages from the very latest development in the manga plot.

Also in Gallery, screencaps of the trailer of the movie is up. They're small and the quality is poor and I did them a long time ago, but they'll do while I hope to obtain the movie on DVD and cap it.

A bunch of Lyrics have been added at long last. New are Kimi ni kono koe ga todokimasu yô ni, Hadashi no ôsama, Tsuyogari, Personal, Stars, Namida o fuite, and J'taime baise GO!.

New screencaps coming in the new year. See you around!

17/12/2004 : Many updates today. Woa~. And I didn't make any of it! So many thanks to everyone. I am merely an archivist.

Firstly, we have a rare treat in the Gash fandom: a fic! It's Once, another drabble by Pastles featuring Kiyomaro, and I can say that it made me laugh out loud when I first read it, so go check it out!

Screencaps of episode 77 are now up. Another Good Art Day, and the return of some of the coolest characters on the show! But that is not all ... ChaoOtaku also capped the second opening and fourth ending and those are up for your consumption, too. Enjoy, and remember to be grateful to ChaoOtaku! (Because, um, I'd been meaning to cap the OP/EDs forever, but didn't. Because I suck, yes.)

The resources page now features the theme from the movie by Ueto Aya, Namida o fuite. It's a sweet, slow, but somehow funky song with lovely lyrics that I really recommend. I'll rotate it some time in the new year, so grab it while it's there.

Murinae (she of ficdom) posted on our LJ comm about the official Gash Bell carddass (a form of trading cards) site, where they have uploaded more than 100 scans of the different cards. There are samples in her post, and also instructions for how to see the rest of them. They're all really pretty, so I suggest you check them out -- if you aren't shy of spoilers, of course. I saved all the cards available now, and might upload them here later when/if they take them down from the site.

To finish off this long list of updates, I was going to write something about what parts of the site I'd like to overhaul next year, but then the amount of junk I needed to fix overwhelmed me. So I'll just say -- Happy Holidays!

01/12/2004 : Screencaps of episode 76 have been updated! This was a Good Art Day (TM) episode, so you'll do good in checking it out.

The discography has been updated with information on Character Song Duet Series Levels 1 and 3. You just need to check this out! The combinations are both surprising, great, and hilarious. I can't wait to hear them.

Also, in case I don't update before (although I strongly hope I do): Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone.

11/11/2004 : Screencaps of episode 74 have been updated.

A new series of three singles featuring duets between the characters will be released, so I updated the discography with the info available. I'm really looking forward to this -- the first one will feature a Folgore/Megumi duet!

There has been a press release from ShoPro (thanks to Murinae for the link!), so I have added some new info to the About Gash section. To sum it up, Kiyomaro will be known as Kory in the dub and (most probably) the US manga release.

I took down all the mp3s except the two Folgore tracks; I hope you enjoyed them! I'll think about what to share next.

25/10/2004 : A new fic, Child's Play by Akira Pastles. Be sure to check it out!

Added ChaoOtaku's screencaps of episode 73 (as usual, beware of spoilers!), and also added three wallpapers by murinae. Thanks muchly to the both of you.

Finally, I rotated the mp3s. Many people seem to want to get ahold of the two classic Folgore tunes, Chichi o moge! and Muteki Folgore, when they first get into the KnGB anime, so I have decided to make those files available permanently. Well, permanently for the time being, anyway. :p

Additionally, the Sherrie & Brago single and the second ending theme, Stars, is available. I'll rotate them in a few weeks, so get them while you can! Everything is up at resources.

15/10/2004 : The licensing of the anime by Cartoon Network has been confirmed by ICv2 News, so I added what little info available on the US releases of the anime and manga to the about Gash section.

On a side-note, of other new Viz releases I recommend Beet the Vandel Buster. I'm getting the entire Japanese series as soon as I can and you should be getting it, too. So there.

12/10/2004 : First of all, the site has moved. I hope this will mean faster loading and less downtime, since the downtime was what made me decide impulsively to move. I'll be tweaking around the infomation here and there in the following days (much of it is outdated, sadly) without notices here.

Actual updates: episode 72 screencaps and two new wallpapers. Enjoy~.

05/10/2004 : Added the cover images of volumes 14 to 17 in the tankobon gallery.

04/10/2004 : Another big gap in updates! Forgive me.

The gallery has been updated with screepcaptures of episodes 40, 41, and 71. Episode 71 was donated by Chao Otaku, who will be donating caps of future episodes as well. Look forward to them.

The mp3s have been rotated, and the Girls' Side album is up for grabs (gawd, I meant to do this a month ago). Also in resources, I added a wallpaper from WebSunday because it looked like it was going to disappear from the site soon.

Lastly, the track-listing of the movie soundtrack has been added to the discography.

07/09/2004 : Sorry about the long break in updates; things have been rather hectic for me lately and my priorities have been different.

Rotated the mp3s, so you can now download the ending theme Tsuyogari and all the three B-sides.

Also updated the discography with info on the movie soundtrack which will be out later this month.

I took down the link to the guestbook because the script messed up and it's no longer working. If you have any comments, feel more than free to e-mail me.

I'm thinking of making a brief character/seiyu page with some pictures and references, so I hope that'll be the next update. Next weekend, maybe?

16/08/2004 : Added information on the ending theme of the movie to the discography (sorry it got so late). Also added the cover picture of Tsuyogari.

Will rotate music tomorrow or the day after.

11/08/2004 : Added four color images to Shonen Sunday color pages.

06/08/2004 : Rotated the music. The Kiyomaro and Gash character single is up for grabs.

Added a translation of a Raiku Makoto interview to resources. Many thanks to kailing for the beta!

The track listing of the Girls' Side album has been made public, so I updated the discography.

02/08/2004 : Added some lyrics transliterations and info on the new ED theme.

25/07/2004 : Rotated the mp3s so you can now download the songs from the Boys' Side album. I would have done this earlier had I not been a complete ditz and forgotten the CD was coming out. Idiot, thy name is Alicia.

20/07/2004 : Added a new fanfic to Fan-made, and revised the About Gash page somewhat.

Remember, kids: if you like something, always send feedback!

16/07/2004 : Made a new section called Resources and moved the mutimedia there. The mp3s have been rotated.

07/07/2004 : Added info on a new character mini album, Boys' Side, to the Character Songs section.

There's a lot of look forward to to the 22nd, when it's realesed, as it contains six all-new songs from characters like Sunbeam, Victoreme, and Professor Dartagnan (!). According to the official website, a Girs' Side album will be released as well, on the 25th of August.

Also, happy tanabata to everyone!

05/07/2004 : Added a multimedia section. It hasn't been added to the menu to your left because it's an experiment and I'm not sure I'll keep it. It might be a thing that appears whenever I feel like it and then disappears again after a week or so.

Right now, you can download two songs from the newest character CD and a few wallpapers.

Also added some info to the About Gash page and updated the OP/ED section in a minor way.

27/06/2004 : Information on the new ending theme, Tsuyogari, has finally gone up on amazon.co.jp, so I added the little info available to the OP/ED section. It will be updated as I find out more.

26/06/2004 : Added a Fan-made section, and archived two pieces of fanfiction and one set of Vulcan 300s.

I'm going to ask a few more people if I can archive their work, so stay tuned! If you wish to contribute, please read the guidelines and send it my way.

Also added the back cover of Genmai Blade to the About Gash section.

20/06/2004 : Added info on the new character CD, the Gash Bell taisô / Chichi o moge! (ondo version) double A-side, to the character songs section. It'll be on sale on the 23rd of this month, and will probably end up as heavy rotation on ... my computer.

18/06/2004 : Grand opening! Huzzah! Thanks to all the people who helped me in the making of this site, and thanks to all of you who have allowed me to archive your great works. *gives out handshakes*

Coming in the near future: fan works!

Disclaimer: Konjiki no Gash!!, Konjiki no Gash Bell!!, ZatchBell!!, and all associated characters/concepts are copyrighted Raiku Makoto, Shogakukan, Toei Animation, Fuji TV, NEC International, ShoPro, Cartoon Network, et al. No infringement on this copyright is intended; this site is a work by a fan for fans, and no profit is being made.